How to Finish Your Christmas Toy Shopping Quickly

Did you know that you can do all of your Christmas shopping in just seven clicks of the mouse?

Below is a list of the seven best toy shop platforms in cyberspace. A summary evaluation of strong points and shortcomings accompanies each entry.

1. FatBrainToys – “2013 #1 Online Christmas Toy Shop”

Like its label suggests, this is a specialty site with an educational focus. Besides intellectual skills development, each featured item offers tons of fun. Needless to say, parents and kids alike adore all their products.

Biggest and Best Site Features:

All children deserve and desperately desire interesting items that provide pleasurable brain growth and mental stimulation. Toy education is the perfect combination with which to do so.

2. Amazon – Cited as Hottest Kid Gift Site

It is only logical that this enormous platform would have a vast array of highly-coveted playthings. Multiple lists like “Most Gifted Toys and Games” and “ 2013 Hottest Holiday Toys: Best Children’s Gifts” are especially helpful.

Why Is Amazon A Shoppers’ Delight?

Its numerous categorized toy lists make it easy to identify items with the highest kid popularity ratings. Easy navigation, high-quality graphical displays, and convenient checkout are valuable added bonuses.

3. SquidooLens – My Top Christmas Toy Shop

Squidoo offers the most all-inclusive listing of super Xmas toys that I have ever seen. The clinchers for my conclusion are a dozen categorized lists of the most popular ones this year.

Best Thing About Squidoo Toy Listings

Parents who already know the name and/or kid of toys their kids want can find them very easily.

4. Telegraph UK – Top 10 Christmas 2013 Toy Site

TU’s toy lists of such intrigue as to make adults yearn for younger years is the likely cause of its projected designation as Number One Christmas 2013 Toy Store.

Best Site Feature

A single list entitled “Top Ten Toys for 2013″ is what makes this virtual venue such a valuable time-saver.

5. Xmas Toy Site 2013 – “Hot 2013 Christmas Toys”

Visiting this site is quite enjoyable, as it contains lots of useful content like reviews and in-depth descriptions and details about products. Many prize contests and price discounts are also readily available.

What Makes This Online Toy Store So Great

A vast array of valuable info, including video toy reviews are very beneficial.

6. Target- “List of Top Toys for 2013″

Target really gets the task done right with its aged-based toy breakdown lists. This is a great source of suggestions for parents wanting helpful ideas about what to buy for children in specific age groups.

Most Terrific Tidbit

Target’s biggest attribute is ease of navigation for young 3 to 15-year-old kids.

7. Examiner – “Best 2013 Toys: A Heads-Up for X-mas Shoppers”

The Examiner features 14 different categorized lists of toys such as “Toy of the Year” (TOTY); “The Year’s Greatest Girls’ Toys;” and, “Top Toys for Preschoolers.”

Why Examiner Toy Lists Are “Must-Sees”

TOTY’s Awards Ceremony is the only source from which this site drafts its lists. Besides being quite exhaustive, listings are impartial.

For more information about Christmas shopping this season, check out these helpful guides: Your Guide to Christmas and Toy Shop Reviews.

The Adorable Mickey Mouse Dancing Toy – The Best Place To Buy Him In the Christmas Rush!

As you probably realise, Dance Star Mickey, the adorable Mickey Mouse dancing toy is one of the hottest toys for Christmas 2010 and is already flying off the shelves! If you have a Mickey Mouse lover in your home who would just love this toy and you don’t fancy facing the Christmas rush or you live too far from a major toy store, never fear. The good news is that you can easily buy the Mickey Mouse Dancing Toy in time for Christmas without leaving your comfy armchair! Keep reading and I’ll tell you where!


Awesome is the only word to describe Dance Star Mickey, the Mickey Mouse dancing toy. He sings, dances, tells jokes and does the moon walk in a way that looks just like the Disney screen character. He truly is animatronic! When Mickey talks and sings his mouth opens and closes with each word. It’s completely in-synch! The Mickey Mouse dancing toy will not just entertain your kids for hours but will develop their listening skills, social interactions and memory skills because of the games they can play with him. (You can expect him to be popular round adults too!)

Buy him Online!

It’s no surprise then that, since this “must own” toy is selling out in all the major outlets, most people are buying him online. Online stores have a greater supply than brick and mortar stores and can replenish their stocks more quickly than their brick and mortar counterparts!

Where To Buy the Mickey mouse Dancing Toy in the Christmas Rush!

Now, as you know, online stores won’t be able to stock him forever either. The obvious course of action is to buy him now and the best chance of finding him still in stock online is at Amazon. Their supply is colossal and their prices are some of the most competitive around. One of the coolest features about buying form Amazon are the customer reviews where you hear the good and the bad about the product from customers who have actually tried it! This means that you don’t need to worry that you haven’t seen the toy in a store before you buy it! Just like any reputable store, of you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, you can return it easily!

Planet 51 Toys and the Planet 51 Movie – Chuck the Astronaut

Released this year, we have had multiple different boys and girls motion pictures. Shows from Up to the movie Harry Potter. The movie Planet 51 is one of the most recently released films. For grownups and kids alike, this movie is a great film. Planet 51 movie is sure to get a laugh out of even the most somber of people, even many adults who do not enjoy boys and girls’ films. Planet 51 is a must see for all boys and girls and adults alike as it is loaded with comedy. If you have a chance to go see this great movie you really should go view Planet 51 as it is still now playing in the theaters. The performers Dwayne Johnson formerly known as The Rock, Justin Long and Jessica Biel are starring in the film. Planet 51 is made even funnier to watch because of the all star bunch of actors who add character to the motion picture.

Remember the classic 1950′s science fiction motion pictures? That is how the Planet 51 movie starts out. The Planet 51 citizens are trying to run away as you see the extraterrestrials following them and trying to change them into zombies or destroy them. You might think that this is the film when this part opens, but it turns out that this is a film at the movie theater. Coming out of the cinema are the occupants of Planet 51, who then go about to their normal day. We then meet a stressed out teenager named Lem who just found a job and is attempting to land the girl of his fantasies. His hilarious pal Skiff (who is indeed very funny) is then introduced – and he is sure to make you laugh. Lem is a little more skeptical than Skiff who is sure that there is extraterrestrial life out there.

One day, everything changes when a booming sound and vibrations come from outside. The inhabitants of Planet 51 see a huge rocket landing upon peeking out. An astronaut from Earth exits this rocket, singing along to a Space Odyssey. The alien life he is about to learn of on Planet 51 he is completely ignorant of. He is immediately fearful when he finds these Martians as Earth had no inkling that this Planet 51 was populated. Chuck the Astronaut endeavors to hide from the Martians as he gets frightened and scurries about. These Martians view Chuck like he is an alien on their world as well. Which is laughable since they had no inkling that humankind actually existed. Believing that this being will make them all into Zombies, the Planet 51 residents get worried. They come in contact with the soldiers immediately. So he does not turn the residents of Planet 51 into zombies, the soldiers barges in and begins trying to locate Chuck to get rid of him. For a while, Chuck hurries off and conceals himself and stays hidden.

Finally Chuck quite literally bumps into Lem. Initially Lem is apprehensive and they frighten one other, but he befriends Chuck and tries to help Chuck get back to his rocket. They have to avoid the army and steer clear of many road blocks. Chuck also persuades two militia men that they are zombies and they have to do his bidding after steering clear of multiple different persons. In the Planet 51 movie, this adds quite a few funny scenes. Chuck is imprisoned, however and is taken away. After some time, Lem and the rest of his friends chooses to go release Chuck and the woman of his dreams. They get the building where Chuck is being detained finally. In the Planet 51 movie, quite a laughable scene arises when they find Chuck and release him from getting his brain took out by the very crazy professor. His rescuers look at him and say that is a strange spot for an antenna when Chuck leaps up and is naked. From the sounds in the viewers of the Planet 51 movie, this piece that is thrown in for some grownup chuckles was a good laugh inducer.

Chuck flees, and he and his new buddies finally get back to his rocket as the Planet 51 movie carries ahead. Chuck revisits and rescues General Grawl, who caught Chuck earlier in the Planet 51 movie in the course of Chuck trying to get to the space craft. Chuck allows them a grand view of their Planet 51 from high up when he flies them all into outer space. General Grawl becomes overwhelmed and decides that Chuck is not a bad Martian since Chuck saved his life. Then they fly back to the surface of Planet 51.

Chuck allows Rover to stay behind and says his goodbyes to the Planet 51 residents. Chuck saw that Rover would be content on Planet 51 especially as Skiff, Lem’s funny buddy was very miserable by Rover leaving. To Lem and the rest of the crew Chuck says his goodbyes and soars up in his rocket. You see one of the alien dogs from Planet 51 inside with Chuck as the rocket is flying higher, and the alien dog is laughing and very content. Lem and the woman are then seen living happily ever after.

For a motion picture about the convening of Chuck and with the Planet 51 habitants, this is a great story. You can find great Planet 51 movie toys to go along with this perfect family movie. With Christmas right around the corner these Planet 51 movie toys are fantastic for your children to play with, and will be a great product to place under the tree. Released, there are multiple toys, the 3 inch figure Chuck being the most famous from the Planet 51 movie. This toy will allow your kids to recreate all of Chuck’s antics and tales, especially as it is an exact imitation of Chuck the Planet 51 movie astronaut. For any boy or girl, these Planet 51 movie toys will certainly make any kid happy on Christmas.

You can create a search online for 3 inch figure Chuck or Planet 51 toys and find several to choose from. Planet 51 movie toys may already be on sites like eBay and Toys R Us. The figures Chuck, Lem, the Mini Bump & Go Rover and the 3 inch soldier figurines and other Planet 51 movie toys, I know, are on Amazon. The extraterrestrials toy soldiers of Planet 51 are accurate duplicates. There is a mini vehicle figure 2-pack Military truck & tank toy that you may choose to buy. The military tank and truck toys are incredibly strong and are very well made (the toys seem just like the ones that are shown in the Planet 51 movie!). When seeking out the Planet 51 toys, remember to create many different searches. These Planet 51 toys can be somewhat troublesome to track down as they are very new, and may even be out of stock already; but you will have a great toy for your little child once you find the 3 inch figure Chuck. You may need to buy a few other Planet 51 movie toys to start the set as this alone may not be adequate! You will already have an idea on what gift to buy if his or her birthday is near as well – another few Planet 51 movie toys!

In case you are having problems getting you hands on the toys, because they are out of stock, you may want to bookmark the below Gift Alert site. It monitors up to 6 Amazon sites for you. When the product becomes available it will send you an immediate audio alert and open up the product page automatically for you. Ready for you to grab it, before others do.

Remember to visit and BOOKMARK the Gift Alert site, [], for future reference. It’s free and fun too! Test it and hear the alert go off. Amazing!

Hottest Selling Toy Zhu Zhu Pets – Num Nums Review

These amazing electronic pets are a big hit this holiday season among children who pine for pets. The Zhu Zhu pet hamsters are particularly popular because they emulate their real-life versions pretty well and the worries and decisions that need to be made before buying a real pet for the child is negated in this case. Among the horde of electronic pet products, Zhu Zhu pets stand out for a variety of reasons. Taking the case of hamsters for instance, there is Pipsqueek, Num Num, Mr.Squiggles and many more. Each of these pets has their own distinguished characteristics and style. It is like owning a particular breed of a pet.

The Num Nums have a definitive shy characteristic and very sweet disposition. Running on 2 triple a batteries, their nurturing mode is the pick of Num Nums. With over 40 unique noises, they assure unbounded fun for children as well as great amusement for adults. It is also notable that, all the varieties of hamsters from Zhu Zhu pets have their own unique sounds. This gives a distinct sense of ownership of the variety. The quality of sound makes it intelligible that it comes from Num Num even though each sound given out by them is unique.

In the cuddle mode, the hamster will make whimsical soft noises. The “try me” mode is very entertaining for little children in that the hamster lies dormant, but if its nose is pressed, it makes funny noises each time. Children will be enthused to try and bring out various noises from the Num Nums in this mode. It sure is engaging. Play mode is the one that makes the hamster an indispensable playmate for the children. It is also one of the best modes in the Num Nums. The wheels are really fast and skid-resistant. It does not halt, upon hitting an obstacle. Like normal toys. It can easily tackle such surfaces and carry on its spree.

It does not come as a huge surprise now that this toy is ranked number four in Amazon’s Toys and Games category. With a compact size 6.1 x 4.1 x 2.5 inches and weighing just 1 pound, Zhu Zhu toy makers recommend it for children of 3-10 years age group. It is also a safe toy.

Studies have revealed that toys and games are the learning tools during the formative stages of child’s emotional development. Zhu Zhu pet hamster Num Num helps in nurturing empathy and compassion in children.

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